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Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Incase your team is not a cross-functional team, then in Agile, Quality assurance (QA) engineers are sometimes recognized as real managers/driving force/motive power as they demand that functionalities be out on time and frequently so...

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Continuous Delivery

Software delivers no value/revenue until it is in the hands of its users. For many businesses reducing the cycle time between an idea and usable software is critical. Usually the first iterative release contains...

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Continuous Integration

“Continuous Integration (CI)”is a software engineering practice in which developers are required to regularly (at least daily) merge their code changes into a central/shared repository. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build,...

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Redoing things is fundamental to every creative process In Agile working software is the primary measure of success but how to ensure that developed software code is not buggy and is of high quality, and that...

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When we are following Agile methodology and Scrum process, Scrum is silent on how to deliver code; it only helps with managing process flow. When we are following Extreme Programming practices, we often use...

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